Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan has musical blue blood in his veins owing to his family lineage.  A direct descendant of the family of the great Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and the much legendary Sartaj-e-Mousiqui, Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan who were the founders of the famous Kirana Gharana. Ustad Maskhoor Ali Khan is the son of the great Sarangi-nawaz, Padmashree Ustad Shakoor Khan, who was the grand nephew of Ustad Bande Ali Khan Beenkar, who composed numerous Bandishes under his pseudonym ‘Sabras”

Mashkoor Ali, as a true heir of his renowned forefathers and a fine scholar of music still continues to passionately collect rare compositions and thus his riches are bountiful.

Initiated and trained by his father for fifteen years, young Mashkoor Ali had secured a place for himself in the world of music even before his father breathed his last. Now as a Guru of the ITC Sangeet Research Academy (Institute of Hindusthani classical vocal and music, Kolkata, India), he is nurturing scholars under his able wings.

Growing in maturity, Mashkoor Ali Khan now displays multi dimensional imaginativeness and vocal agility in his recitals. He has an erudite concept of Ragas and keen understanding of the various “angs” of Kirana gayakee emphasizing the numerous permutations of Khandmeru.

A classified “A” grade artiste of ALL INDIA RADIO Mashkoor Ali has performed in prestigious programs of AIR and DOORDARSHAN including National Programmes of music. He has performed in in almost all the major music festivals and conferences of classical music all over in India. Including Swami Haridas Sammelan, Mumbai 1997, Sawai Gandharva Sammelan, Pune 1993, Dover Lane Music Conference, Kolkata, 1997, Victoria Memorial Concert, Kolkata, 1990, Radio Sangeet Sammelan, Sajan Milap Sammelan, Mumbai Apna Utsav of Govt, of India, New Delhi, 1986, Sangeet Natak Academy Raag Darshan, Commonwealth Games Delhi – 2010, Kala Darsana Indira Gandhi National Centre For arts – 2010, Jashn-e-Khusrau (A muli venue Festival of peerless Concerts featuring the greatest names) 2013, and many other prestigious ones. During his trips to Canada, USA, Europe and Bangladesh his superb performances enthralled his audiences.

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan’s brilliant career is studded with numerous titles and coveted awards such as “ SURMANI ” 1977, ABHINAVA KALA SAMMAN 93’ , MASTER DINANATH MANAGESHKAR AWARD 94’ , SWARNANJALI AWARD, GWALIOR 97’ AVISHKAR. Goa 97’ and BHARATIYA SANSKRITI SAMSAD’S BEST VOCALIST AWARD. Salt Lake Cultural Association (Kolkata) felicitated him with the “BANDISH NAWAZ’ title and award in 1998 and the SANGEET RATAN AWARD in 2002. In 2004 he was awarded the Ustad Niaz Ahmaed Khan and Ustad Faiyaz Ahmed Khan Memorial Award (Kirana Gharana) and in 2009, the Maha Sangeet Ratna at the Abdul Karim Khansahab Samaroh in Miraj.

He is the first recipient of these prestigious awards, which is bestowed upon him honoring his virtuosity in music and his treasure of priceless compositions.

Apart from Arshad Ali, the celebrity scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan’s clan of disciples include the famous Vocalist Smt. Shanti Sharma of Bhartiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, Smt. Arti Mukherjee, the celebrity playback singer, and Michael Harrison the well known American pianist and many other accomplished vocalists.

His critics have showered words of praise on him.–

“Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan… transported you into a different world of inward search and reconciliation preparing you for about with the somberness of coming darkness and encroaching night.”

Chandigarh News Line

“Taleem oriented singing, beautiful BANDISH and risky note combinations were the highlights of Maskoor Ali Khan’s serious singing. Groomed by his father Ustad Shakoor Khan who through years of association with the two giants of Kirana gharana. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and Ustad Wahid Khan, enriched his collections of beautiful compositions, it was not surprising to here Mashkoor Ali singing Bandishes novel and beautiful.”

The Asian Age

“Raga Darbari never sounded so enticing the way. Mashkoor Ali sang. The VILAMBIT was rendered as though the heart of porcelain were chattering into a million pieces. Whip lashing sargams riding the waves effortlessly featured at regular intervals. Equally exhilarating were the compositions. Anything Mashkoor sings can never fail to demand attention. His penchant of cadenza held the crowed in ruptures.”

Amrita Bazaar Patrika

“………given ample proof of being a musician to his lineage.”

Spotlight, Chicago USA

“Creating a nice pattern as he began, Mashkoor Ali Khan transported the audience with his marvelous music to a transcendental world. The sargams were highly complex some times but Mashkoor Ali structured them well and also sang them with perfection. Playing the Bina in one hand, Mashkoor Ali Khan sang along, with some prolonged humming tonal expressions, he really exhibited the control and power of his voice. These Taans perfectly port raved the emotional content of the raga Chandni Kedara the depth of expression and purity of tone. During his performance he elaborated the essence of the raga and presented the audience with some delicate tonal vibrations in different scales. Which certainly points at the talent of the artist. Overall, it was unforgettable experience.”

DAILY STAR , JUNE 03, 2001

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